Resources and infrastructure

Fluorescence microspectroscopy with optical tweezers

The home-made modular spinning-disk-based confocal fluroescence microscope with the ability of spectral detection for fast spectrally resolved imaging of environmentally sensitive probes, structures and interactions on the scales around 200 nm with spectral resolution of 1 nm. NIR optical tweezers enable contactless micro-manipulation.

Clean optical laboratory

Optical setups are placed in the clean optical laboratory (ISO 6) together with modular platform for development of medical diagnostic technologies to ensure controllable and adaptable measurement environment. A small preparation lab enables final modification of the samples before optical measurements.

Clean chemical and cell laboratory

Standardly equiped cell laboratory is placed in a clean room (ISO4/5) to ensure the most controllable environment to seed and grow cell lines. A clean chemical laboratory (ISO5) nearby ensures the most efficient hadnling during preparation and basic characterization of the samples. Finally, at the end of the air flow of the clean rooms, there is nano laboratory (ISO 6) for handling of nanomaterials and cleaning.