Super-resolution microscopy / nanoscopy / nanospectroscopy

The state-of-the-art modular 2-photon super-resolution 3D STED microscope, custom-built by Abberior Instruments, is equiped with several exciation and detection modalities for live-cell imaging of supramolecular structures on the scales down to 30 nm.


Technical details:

  • Olympus body with several objectives, table, piezo controlled stage, LED widefield illumination
  • Abberior modular fully-software-controlled 3D STED system with
  • high-power Ti-Saph tunable wavelength 150 fs pulsed excitation laser source snychronized with
  • two fixed wavelengths 100 ps pulsed excitation laser sources and
  • fixed wavelength ns pulsed depletion laser
  • with 2 single-photon counters (avalanche photodiodes -APDs) as the main detectors with deadtime below 25 ns and
  • 16-channel PMT with diffraction grading and B&H FLIM module for spectrally-resolved FLIM detection
  • any crossection of the coordinates x,y,z,t,tau,lambda possible with any of the combination of the following modalities: CF, 2D-3D STED, FLIM, spFLIM
  • flexible setup allows addition of new laser sources
  • flexible setup with incubation chamber for microscope-table