Blood coagulation

In brief

We investigate basic molecular mechanisms of the blood coagulation cascade. In collaboration with Barry R. Lentz’s laboratory from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and with prof Rinku Majumders’ laboratory from the Louisiana State University School of Medicine in New Orleans, both recognized experts in the field of blood coagulation, Tilen Koklič showed heretofore yet unknown molecular mechanisms regarding regulation of factor Xa and of the prothrombinase (fXa-fVa) complex (Biochemical Journal, IF 4.40, Biophysical Journal, IF 4,32; Biochemistry, IF 3.56).


Tilen Koklič led the project financially supported by the Slovenian Research Agency ARRS project J3-6803, “Role of Calcium and lipid membranes in survival of critically ill patients”, and ARRS project BI-US/13-14-040 “Physiological role of factor Xa and protein S in coagulation and inflammation processes”, where he collaborated with the Nobel Prize winner of physiology or medicine for 2007 Oliver Smithies from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine.

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