Amphiphilic coumarin-based probes for live-cell STED nanoscopy of plasma membrane

Hana Kokot, Boštjan Kokot, Anja Pišlar, Hana Esih, Alen Gabrič, Dunja Urbančič, Rojbin El, Iztok Urbančič, Stane Pajk
Bioorganic Chemistry, June 2024; doi: 10.1016/j.bioorg.2024.107554 (read more here).

In brief

We synthesized and characterized a novel amphiphilic fluorescent label SHE-2N, which enables quick and long-lasting fluorescent labeling of the outer cell membranes of living cells. This new label for fluorescence microscopy is also suitable for high-resolution STED microscopy and two-photon microscopy due to its high photostability and appropriate spectral characteristics.