Nanoparticles Can Wrap Epithelial Cell Membranes and Relocate Them Across the Epithelial Cell Layer

Iztok Urbančič, Maja Garvas, Boštjan Kokot, Hana Majaron, Polona Umek, Hilary Cassidy, Miha Škarabot, Falk Schneider, Silvia Galiani, Zoran Arsov, Tilen Koklic, David Matallanas, Miran Čeh, Igor Muševič, Christian Eggeling, and Janez Štrancar
Nano Letters, July 2018; doi: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.8b02291 (read more here).

In brief

We have identified the causal connection between inhalation of nanoparticles, lipid wrapping and triggerring of the coagulation signal cascade in lung epithelium. The recently installed super-resolution STED microscope significantly contributed to this findings together with expertise transfer from UO and new proteomics techniques at UCD.