We are hiring a postdoc!

We are searching for a talented and motivated postdoc to join our team and work on the newly started EU project nanoPASS! The project is devoted to the development of new methods for safety testing of nanomaterials, which will be faster, cheaper and more reliable than in vivo tests. Our greatest challenge is to predict slowly developing diseases, such as lung fibrosis, cardiovascular disease, and neurodegeneration.


Your work in experimental biophysics and nanotoxicology will involve state-of-the-art optical microscopy techniques. Together with our spin-out company Infinite Biotech, we offer a stimulating environment where we advance basic science towards commercial applications, in tight international cooperation with leading experts in complementary fields.

If you are excited by the topic and think you are a good fit, do get in touch with a short motivation letter and a CV with a reference contact!

P.S.: PhD position also opening soon.