Past collaborations

LBF has a long tradition in development of technologies and infrastructure in the fields of tissue engineering, antimicrobial surfaces, biomedical and pharmaceutical applications, optimization of industrial materials and processes, and reasonable use of energy and building biophysics.


Our partners include:

2004-2007GorenjeFirst antimicrobial (AB) nanomaterial produced in Slovenia
2004-2013Ekoprodukt, VinpromHeat storage water-based tank prototype, pat.
2005-2010Hateceppe University, TurkeySimulated influence of antidepresives on membranes on GPU cluster
2006-2008Ministry of defence – CRPSelf-cleaning material for AB surface prot.
2008-2009L’Oreall Pariz, FranceDetection of radicals in skin after application of drug
2008-2010Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Food – CRPAB nanocoatings for safe food processing
2008-2011Crestopt, ItalyModification of CARV for FMS
2009-2010EkoproduktTemperature/humidity controller installed in 3 passive houses
2009-2010University Aix-Marseille, FranceStructure of measles virus protein switch
2009-2011Faculty for natural sciences and mathematics, UMEPR spectrometer installed
2009-2012EkoproduktHeat, humidity, mechanically stable cellulose building block
2010-2013PanvitaStable nano-AB prototype tested under real conditions
2011-2011Faculty of mechanical engineering, UMSystem for temperature-controlled freezing/polymerization/ crosslinking
2011-2012Educell, UKC LjubljanaOptomehanically excited lens epitelial cells investigation
2011-Faculty of mechanical engineering, ULFluorescence-based T detector to explore microbioling
2011-2018Juteks; Ekoten - Sun Holding, TurkeyPolymer textiles with stable nanomaterial deposition
2011-2018Educell, AnimacellProtoype of gelatin scaffolds for cartilage repair
2012-2018Arterion, SwedenOptimised temperature gradients in bacterial production of cellulose
2012-2018Domsjö Fabriker, Sweden, EducellCellulose-gelatine composite prototype
2012-2018CO NAMASTEPrototype of AB siphon
2013-2014KrkaDemonstrator of contaminant detector in the production of semisolid medicine
2014-2019Optotek, and Canon Inc.Modification of the FMS analysis to gain a possibility of detecting porous vessels (recently filed patent application - TRL 4).
2016-Vitrocell GmbHAdaptation of their CLOUD system for aerosolization solution module for nebulization of the surfactants and their self-assembly in the in vitro lung model (TRL5 / 6).
2017BSH NazarjeAnalyzis of the release of water-soluble substances, the preservation of antioxidative capacities and qualitative estimations of plant cell damage, providing the basis for optimizing the geometry of the blades and conditions of blending
2017-2018Radeče papir nova d.o.o.Development of advanced detection of protective elements in paper products, we have developed a demonstrator of the miniature optical detection system for smartphones (TRL 5)
2018-2020Instrumentation TechnologiesDevelopment of Raman spectrometer for industrial applications
2017-2019Optotek, and Canon Inc.Demonstration of the new automatic focus correction concept (TRL 5) for the new generation of smart ophthalmic systems
2020-Infinite BiotechDevelopment of mechanism-based animal-free safety testing of nanoparticles and chemicals