Development of technologies and infrastructure


Tissue engineering

We develop and investigate biopolymer scaffolds for 3D tissue growth and biomedical implants:

Antimicrobial surfaces

Our approach is based on such nanomaterials that, when subjected to light, produce free radicals and kill bacteria without the possibility to develop resistance. Recent applications include:

Biomedical and pharmaceutical applications

Our biophysical expertise has guided various projects:

Optimization of industrial materials and processes

We have exploited our interdisciplinary knowledge to investigate and improve materials and processes for commercial applications:

Reasonable use of energy and building biophysics

We have extensive experience in passive and solar buildings from energetical, biological and biophysical point of view:

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Chemical synthesis of molecular probes

Our chemical pharmacists can synthesize custom fluorescent probes, spin probes, dual fluorescent-spin probes, and spin traps.

Research equipment

We have a long tradition in building customized research equipment:

Simulations and software support

For the needs of our research, we have developed software to:

  • simulate and fit EPR spectra by hybrid evolutionary optimization (EPRSIM-C) and statistically condensate the results (GHOST)
    (2001-2009, partner: Department for Intelligent Systems, JSI)
  • determine the structure of membrane proteins and intrinsically disordered proteins with nanosecond lifetimes by CSM
    (2009-2010, partner: University Aix-Marseille (France))
  • control the custom-built fluorescence microspectrometer with optical micromaniplation
    (2009-2012, partner: Aresis d.o.o.)
  • calculate position-dependent multi-dimensional diffusion coefficients from (biased) MD trajectories
  • analyze λ-stacks of FMS images and simulate large spectral data

Besides, our members master the state-of-the-art software for (ABF)MD simulations (NAMD) and their visualization (VMD).

GPU clusters

We can set up energy- and cost-efficient GPU clusters for high-performance computing:


Understanding of electronics and physics help us to efficiently control various systems and processes:

Specialized equipment

We use our interdisciplinary skills for variuos applications:

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